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Browns Lake Sanitary District


MAY 28 & 29, JUNE 4 & 5, 8:00 am - Noon

Wisconsin’s Free Fishing Day. No license required to fish for Carp on Browns Lake.

$1 Cash Bounty for each Carp (6" minimum length).

Catch Carp by any legal means. Including bow and arrow, spearing, hook and line.

The Browns Lake Sanitary district  is sponsoring a new event this year. Carp are a nuisance and threat to our clean lake. Quick facts about Carp:

  • Common carp can be identified by their large, golden brown scales. They also have two small "whiskers" on each side of their mouth.

  • Common carp congregate in large numbers when spawning. Spawning takes place in the spring to early summer in shallow (2-3 feet deep) water. When they spawn, they disturb the lake bottom in shallow waters, causing the water to become murky.

  • Female carp can produce hundreds of thousands of eggs during the breeding season.

  • Carp compete with native game fish for food and spawning territory.

  • They are bottom feeders that eat game fish eggs and make the water muddy and cloudy rummaging for food. Muddy water leads to increased algae growth and reduced oxygen content in the water. This gives carp an advantage since carp can tolerate low oxygen content significantly better than native game fish.

  • They can weigh up to 80 pounds and live on average 20 years.

Einer Fischer Park

Browns Lake

30526 Durand Ave, Burlington, WI 53105

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